Offering pioneering research in the, causes and management of respiratory disease The Vision for the Centre


The Breathing Life Trust was formed in April 2004 with the purpose of improving the quality of children's life throughout Cyprus and the whole region. The establishment of the "Breathing Life Lung Centre for Children", a "state of the art" Respiratory Centre incorporating the existing Pediatric Respiratory Unit at the Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia fulfils this vision. The need for the new centre was recommended by doctors who work at the pediatric unit of the Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia and who are now Trustees of our Trust.

The new Breathing Life Lung Centre for Children aims to become a centre of excellence for treating Lung diseases in children throughout Cyprus and Greece and also in the whole region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is a charitable, non-profit seeking unit, which upgrades the existing respiratory services for children in the public and private sector through:

1. Offering specialized lung function and advanced diagnostic techniques in the management of respiratory diseases in thousands of young children. These techniques and equipment at present are not available in Cyprus or even other countries in the region. In particular the role of the Centre will be not to host patients but to assist and help solve advanced diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas faced by the medical personnel who are currently managing these patients in the public and private sector.

2. Offering clinical advice and expertise in the management of children with severe or life-threatening respiratory diseases by a team of experts recruited and sustained by the Centre. These expert consultations will we hope eventually raise the standard of care of children who suffer from respiratory diseases.

3. Offering pioneering research in the, causes and management of respiratory disease.

4. Offering specialized education and training for physicians, other health professionals, school teachers, social workers and others who are involved in the care of children with respiratory diseases.