ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project Timeline and performance of the project


Stage 1

September 2007 – June 2009: Fundraising and pre-opening of Lung Centre Development phase.

Stage 2

June- October 2009: Fundraising complete (Total 177.000 CY pounds).

Stage 3

November 2009: Implementation Stage start of a 3-year rolling plan.

Stage 4

November 2012: Complete handover to Cyprus with a minimum of a 10-year commitment to maintaining and developing the Centre.


The implementation of the project will follow four key stages agreed by the Ministry of Health and the Head of Paediatric Services of The Makarios III Hospital:
Pre-opening development phase;
Handover responsibility to Cyprus

Stage 1 – Pre-opening lung centre development phase

The pre-opening development stage includes agreements on the list of the following fundamental points:

  • The creation of a new lung centre constitution
  • Opening times of the Centre
  • Management of the Centre
  • Equipment provision
  • Lung Centre equipment layout
  • Lung Centre fit
  • Out Patient care guidelines
  • Research project policy

(i) The Breathing Life Lung Centre Constitution

A Constitution for the Centre is essential so that all aspects of patient care and research stay true to a clearly laid out set of principals. Since the Centre is within the Makarios III Hospital, the Constitution inevitably will adopt the principals and policies of Public Hospitals in the Republic of Cyprus on issues like patient care, research and ethics.

(ii) Opening times of Centre

Since the Centre is within the Makarios III Hospital the Centre will inevitably adopt corresponding opening times of Public Hospitals in the Republic of Cyprus.

(iii) Management of the Centre

Staffing levels
The existing Paediatric Respiratory Unit in the Makarios III Hospital is currently staffed with one Physician specialised in Paediatric Pulmonology and one Nurse Specialist. The centre in its full operation will be staffed with two Physicians specialised in Paediatric Pulmonology and two Nurse Specialists in paediatric respiratory diseases.

Salary structure
The remuneration of personnel will follow The Public Hospital's salary schemes. The requested personnel will cover the operational needs of the Centre for the management of only clinical problems of paediatric patients

Who employs the staff
The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus undertakes to employ the required personnel.

Legal responsibilities-Liabilities if anything were to go wrong
Legal issues and liabilities in the practice of medical procedures will be dealt with by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus. The Breathing Life Trust will not bear any responsibility or liabilities.

Any other policies and issues that are not mentioned above will be covered by an agreement with the policies and procedures of the Public Hospitals of the Republic of Cyprus.

(iv) Specialist Lung Function Equipment Provision

Equipment maintenance and replacement is to be undertaken by the Makarios III Hospital and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Breathing Life Trust will provide funds for the purchase of all lung function equipment directly used within the Centre. All equipment will be new and carry guarantees and warrantees. The charity will then pass over ownership to the Makarios III Hospital on the basis that they assume responsibility for maintenance agreements as part of the rolling plan. Ultimately, The Makarios III Hospital will retain full responsibility and future maintenance and replacement of the equipment.

(v) Layout for the Proposed Centre

Please see plan drawing in showing the layout of the centre.

(vi) Lung Centre Fit Out

The charity is providing funds for medical equipment. The fit out including tables, chairs and shelves will be provided by the Makarios III Hospital.

General details of specifications will include:

Ceilings: Multi purpose light fitting for research projects to be carried out effectively.
Walls: electrical points/storage cabinets.

Floors: hospital will provide completed floors ready to receive the workspaces and equipment.
Workspaces: all interior furnishings will conform to health and safety guidelines and be good quality tables and chairs.

(vii) Patient Care Guidelines

Charging of out patients: In general the policy on this will follow the regulations of the Ministry of Health on the groups of subjects who are beneficiaries of the public health system. As a charity, our activities are strictly non profit-making. However, we would welcome donations of all kinds from patients of the Centre.

The proportion of research activities to clinical activities will depend on the success of gaining sponsored research grants. In any event meeting patients clinical needs will be the first priority in the planning of the activities of the Centre.

In-patients on the General Paediatrics Wards, the Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Units in Makarios Hospital as well as referred paediatric in-patients from District General Hospitals will have direct and prompt access to the equipment and specialised treatment at the Centre. Services to emergency cases and critically ill patients are anticipated to save lives and or improve outcomes of treatment.

(viii) Research Project Policy

Clinical and research activities are interlinked but will be clearly separated in the planning of the activities of the Centre.

Research endeavours of the Centre will be focused in the field of respiratory diseases in childhood and will not overlap with activities of other departments or centres. Research proposals will be submitted to recognised funding bodies in Cyprus (eg Research Promotion Foundation) or abroad (eg European Union FP7) for evaluation of their scientific value and request of funding.

The Ministry of Health will have no obligation to support research activities or their funding which will be gained by competitive grant applications to various local and international funding bodies. Personnel needed for research activities will be hired at times in addition to the above personnel and will be funded from sponsored research funds.

The performance of research activities will fully comply with the regulations of the National Bioethics Committee.

The authorization for research activities in the hospital environment will also be granted by the appropriate governmental departments. Given that research staff will perform medical procedures in the hospital, the Ministry of Health will provide the necessary insurance and cover.

Stage 2 – Fundraising

Principle fundraising has now commenced as we have reached agreement for the new centre from the Ministry of Health. The full list of equipment has been agreed and the exact amount has been determined after obtaining specific quotations for each piece of equipment . The exact amount is £ 197,000 (262,700 euros)

Stage 3 – Implementation

Ordering equipment – To start in September 2007 through to April 2009. We aim to have The priority equipment on site by the opening of the Centre in June 2009.

Stage 4 – Handover responsibility to Cyprus and long-term sustainability

Once the centre opens, a local branch of Breathing Life in Cyprus will be established. This will be organised and run by a team of dedicated people within Cyprus who will liaise with us on matters of policy and support. It would seek to continue to raise funds and take the project forward. For this, we intend to get clearance from the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Ministry of Finance for matters regarding fundraising within Cyprus. This will add to the long-term sustainability of the project and avoid dependence on London.

Our overall aim is not simply to provide equipment, but to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project, so generations of children can enjoy the benefits of this state-of-the-art Centre for years to come.

We believe that the technology provided in the new Centre coupled with the medical expertise provided will achieve great success and may necessitate future expansion. Progress and future planning of the Centre will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Board of The Breathing Life Trust in discussion with the Minister of Health, Director of Medical Public Health Services of Cyprus and Great Ormond Street Hospital, with the aim of securing our vision of a progressive centre, with a developing pioneering role in clinical practice and research into respiratory disease in childhood.