Art for life 2009 A celebration of children's art and poetry in support of the Breathing Life lung Centre For Children In Cyprus.

An international Art and Poetry Competition for all ages up to 18

The Breathing Life Trust launched the inaugural 'Art for Life' Children's Art and Poetry Competition in 2009 in association with the Laiki Bank, and with help from many benevolent organisations.

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Since 2004, The Breathing Life Trust has been raising awareness and campaigning for the dedicated state of the art children's lung centre, which serves the needs of children in Cyprus and the Whole Region. With the involvement of the Cyprus Government, the Directors of the Makarios III Hospital, Nicosia, and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the centre is now fully operational.

With your help the centre has become a state of the art respiratory facility of comparable standard to the world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, a facility that has helped save the lives of many children with severe respiratory illness and continues to give support to families who have to bear the pain of seeing their children suffering.

The lung centre helps newborn babies and young children by offering advanced diagnostic techniques in the treatment of life threatening respiratory illnesses and rare genetic defects. It also manages the treatment of thousands of children with severe lung disease each year.

To help raise the funds needed to provide the remaining equipment for the centre, the Breathing Life Trust held a competition featuring children's art and poetry. Their creativity, compassion and energy directly contributed to help save the lives of other children suffering from severe lung disease giving them something precious with which they can go on to fulfil their lives, their destiny and dreams, just as we are doing.

The winning entries were featured by the Breathing Life Trust in their 'Art for Life' fundraising cards which were sent to companies and individuals in the United Kingdom and World Wide.
Children of all ages embraced the 'Breathing Life' theme of the competition and most of all enjoyed the experience.